“Purpose for Today and Passion for Tomorrow”

A Note from Mrs. Noel Petrosky
Ridgway Area School District
Ridgway Area Middle/High School Principal

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Welcome back to a new year! I hope all of you had a wonderful break and are ready to venture into the new adventures that 2022 will hold for everyone.

Staffing News: Starting with our return to the new year, Mr. Voss will be taking a leave of absence. We have advertised for his position and are working hard to fill his position for the rest of the school year.

Long Weekend: Our students do have a long weekend coming up January 15-18. School will resume on January 19, this is the last day of the semester and nine weeks.  

End of the Quarter: This always happens very quickly once we return from the break. The last day of the quarter is January 19, 2022. This date is also the end of semester courses. Please review your child’s grades as we make a push to end the semester strong.

News from P. Schaut: 

 *ASVAB interpretations in 11th grade will be on January 13 and 14th for juniors in their English classes.

 *Lookingtoward semester 2 courses, students will be able to change their second semester classes starting on January 19 and ending on February 2nd. Only semester classes will be changed.   

*Any Juniors or Seniors who would like to take the School Day SAT on March 2nd should sign up and turn in your payment to P. Schaut by January 20th. Cost is $55 or $8 for Juniors who meet the criteria for free/reduced lunches on a normal year. Checks can be made payable to RHS

*Senior lunch is Friday, January 21st.

COVID and Mitigation: Although masks are not required, we as a school are strongly recommending the use of masks as a mitigation strategy as we return to school in this new year. We are stressing the continuation of handwashing/sanitizing and the disinfection of work areas as students enter classes. We also are asking parents to continue to use the screening tool before sending students to school. Being able to provide in-person instruction is the goal for all of us. Keeping this illness under control is going to require cooperation from all of us. Thank you in advance for doing your part.

News from the Nurse: COVID – 19 continues to be a concern for this upcoming school year to our staff, students, and community. The COVID – 19 vaccine is currently available to anyone interested in receiving it who is age 12 or older, free of charge. If your child has received one or both doses of the vaccine please notify your child’s school nurse. Students who are in close contact with an individual that test positive for COVID will be required to quarantine per the state and CDC guidelines. If your child has been completely vaccinated against COVID – 19 this will prevent the need for your student to quarantine unless he/she would develop symptoms. If we have this information on file for your student, it will help speed up the process during contact tracing and lessen the time away from the classroom. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school nurse. 

Summer School: With the end of the semester near, students have been questioning the make-up of work during summer school. These past two years, summer school has looked differently due to COVID restrictions. This year we are hoping to return to a more traditional model of summer school. Please see below:

 As per the student handbook, to be considered to attend summer school, students must achieve a score of 65%. Other criteria that will be considered will be the 85% attendance stipulation and academic skills based on the final exam score of 60% or higher. Students will be responsible for all costs and fees associated with summer school (approximately $125) and must abide by all guidelines outlined for summer school as well as earn a minimum of 70% in the summer course. If a student passes summer school, the highest course grade they will receive for the school year is a 70%.

School-to-Work Program: Our students have a unique opportunity to participate in a program where they can earn high school credits while working. One criterion for doing this is maintaining passing grades in the courses they are taking while in school. Below is an outline of steps we will be taking to make sure students are getting the best education and work experience possible while maintaining the integrity of the school-to-work program:

Students that participate in the school-to-work program are subject to weekly eligibility requirements as outlined in the enrollment meeting. Students are not allowed to have failing grades in more than one class at any time. Weekly eligibility is completed on Friday mornings after 8 AM. Eligibility repercussions are as follows:

The first offense will result in a warning.

The second offense will result in not being allowed to leave for work until the necessary grades are at a 70%.

The third offense will result in missing a minimum of one week of work and the grades are at a 70%.

The fourth offense will result in the student being withdrawn from the school-to-work program and assigned to a full schedule at the high school.



Boy Scout Troop 93, sponsored by the American Legion, Ledden-Young Post 208, has been providing adventures to the youth of Ridgway, PA since 1931.

Troop 93 meets weekly, year-round at 7:00p.m. on Thursdays. The troop meets in the building directly behind the American Legion.

To receive additional information about joining Troop 93 and being included in our great adventures, parents please email DerrickGoode.T93R@troopmaster.email or MarkRoselliT93R@troopmaster.email.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

A few of many experiences you might encounter in Troop 93:

Camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, rock-climbing, bicycling, shooting, archery, rocket-launching, drone-flying, wood carving, observing nature, leaning Indian lore, caving, archaeology, cooking, participating in community service, visiting historical sites, and learning first aid.