Pitt Credits

From course enrollment to college registration, from middle school to senior year, our guidance staff is here to help students along the way. We also recognize that preparation and practice is the key to success, so we begin preparing our students for graduation and college entrance exams early. We want them to feel confident and comfortable when it counts.

Attention, seniors! If you bought Pitt credits, you must go online to the university website and have Pitt Bradford send your transcript directly to the college you will be attending in order for your credits to transfer and count.

Pitt Courses: courses marked with an asterisk (*) are the Pitt courses offered by Ridgway High School.

Planning Your Future

We provide various resources to help our students create successful futures, whether they plan on attending college, attending technical school, or entering the workforce. There are also lots of scholarships available for students pursuing a college education. Visit our Elker Career Hub for more information.

Our guidance team is here to help! Please feel free to stop by to schedule an appointment or just to talk.

Laura Lynch
Guidance/Attendance Secretary

Patricia Schaut
MS/HS Guidance