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Ridgway Middle/High School
Ridgway Middle/High School
Ridgway Students - Go Elkers #1

Clubs & Activities

At Ridgway Middle/High School, we don’t limit opportunities for learning and inspiration to the inside of a classroom. We believe that another important aspect of student life is being involved in clubs and activities. Our clubs, led by enthusiastic instructors, allow students the opportunity to interact with their peers who share similar interests.

    Musical Theater

    The RHS musical theatre class performed the a cappella musical, “The Commedia Pinocchio,” at Ridgmont, Pine Crest, and at the FSG Elementary school on October 31. In the photo below, Pinocchio (Olivia Matha) and Gepetto (Hunter Collins) are escaping through the whale's mouth as it snores.

    Marching Band

    Our 2017 Ridgeway "Mighty Elker" Marching Band is off to a great start. This year’s show includes selections from Aladdin including "Arabian Nights," "One Jump," "Friend Like Me," "A Whole New World," and “Prince Ali." Please find our current band director and members listed below.

    • Director - Shawn Hofmann
    • Color Guard Instructor - Renee Blankenship
    • Drill Designer - Jim Schaefer
    • Percussion Instructor - Phillip Engelken
    • Drum Major - Isaac Neureiter
    • Members 
      Alto Sax: Aaron Suranofsky, Alexia Hofmann, Blane Eshbach, Mikey Steis
      Baritone: Simon Morris, Mason Neureiter
      Clarinet: Jaylin Dilley, Josie Elias, Peyton Dorley
      Flute: Emily Peluso, Shya Morris
      Color Guard: Amber Morris, Veronica Martonik, Abi Matos, Emmah Aboussou, Francesca Aiello, Kylee Larkin, Naomi Aboussou
      Horn: Anna Duffield
      Percussion: Emily Prindle, Harley Anderson, Marshall Hetrick, Charles Keener, Tylia Valentin
      Trombone: Alana Antonuccio
      Trumpet: Alexa Steis, Austin Dinsmore, Dominic Neureiter, Isaac Neureiter, John Newcome, Kyle Baker, Megan Rohr
      Tuba: Emma Baker, Matthew Wolff